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Manufacturer: Abbott

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Alimentum, by Similac, is the first extensively hydrolysed (EH) infant Food for Special Medical Purposes (iFSMP) in the UK containing synthesised 2’-FL HMO. Alimentum has been specially formulated for the management of infants with mild to moderate cow’s milk allergy (CMA) and other conditions where an EH formula is indicated. NOTE: This is the new formulation as of May 2020.

Age Group
Product Type
Infant Formulation
kcal/ml or kcal/g
0.67 kcal/ml*
ACBS Approved
GMS Approved

Prices (UK) Date checked: 06/11/2021


Prices (Ireland) Date checked: 06/11/2021

Osmolarity mOsmol/l
Potential renal solute load mOsmol/l
Osmolality mOsm/kg HO2
As a sole source of nutrition or as a nutritional supplement for infants and young children with cow’s milk protein allergy and other conditions where an extensively hydrolised formula is indicated.
* At standard dilution - one level scoop (enclosed in tin) of powder for each 30ml (1 floz) of water (12.8% standard concentration)
Important Information
Errors & Omissions Excepted  |   Protein data may refer to either Protein or Protein Equivalent  |  Differences may occur between flavours  |   The information found on these pages is for guidance only | Always check with manufacturer or refer to product packaging | For use under medical supervision only.
Alimentum is supplied by Abbott. For full product information we recommend you visit the Abbott website.

Nutritional Values

Energy kcal525
Energy kJ2196
Protein g14.4
Salt g0.58
Carbohydrate g51.2
Sugars g11.6
Fat g29.1
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) mg131
Arachidonic acid mg131
Linoleic Acid mg4199
Linolenic Acid mg409
Saturates g10.7
MCT g9.72
Fibre g0.15 (2'-FL)
Sodium mg (mmol)231 (10)
Potassium mg (mmol)551 (14.1)
Chloride mg (mmol)420 (11.8)
Calcium mg (mmol)551 (13.8)
Phosphorus mg (mmol)341 (10.9)
Magnesium mg (mmol)39.4 (1.64)
Iron mg9.45
Zinc mg3.94
Copper mg0.39
Manganese mg0.13
Molybdenum μg25
Selenium μg21
Chromium μg25
Iodine / Iodide μg100
Vitamin A μg RE473
Vitamin D μg13.1 (D3)
Vitamin E mg α-TE10.5
Vitamin K μg68.2 (K1)
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) mg0.39
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) mg0.53
Niacin mg (mg NE)5.51
Pantothenic Acid mg3.94
Vitamin B6 mg0.32
Folic Acid μg79
Vitamin B12 μg1.57
Biotin μg23.6
Vitamin C mg65.6
Choline mg157.7
Water g1.5
L-Carnitine mg7.9
Taurine mg31.5
Inositol mg26.3
Energy kcal67.6
Energy kJ283
Protein g1.86
Salt g0.08
Carbohydrate g6.6
Sugars g1.49
Fat g3.75
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) mg16.9
Arachidonic acid mg16.9
Linoleic Acid mg541
Linolenic Acid mg53
Saturates g1.38
MCT g1.2
Fibre g0.02 (2'-FL)
Sodium mg (mmol)30 (1.30)
Potassium mg (mmol)71 (1.82)
Chloride mg (mmol)54 (1.52)
Calcium mg (mmol)71 (1.78)
Phosphorus mg (mmol)44 (1.41)
Magnesium mg (mmol)5.1 (0.21)
Iron mg1.22
Zinc mg0.51
Copper mg0.051
Manganese mg0.02
Molybdenum μg3.22
Selenium μg2.7
Chromium μg3.22
Iodine / Iodide μg13
Vitamin A μg RE61
Vitamin D μg1.69 (D3)
Vitamin E mg α-TE1.4
Vitamin K μg8.8 (K1)
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) mg0.05
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) mg0.07
Niacin mg (mg NE)0.71
Pantothenic Acid mg0.51
Vitamin B6 mg0.04
Folic Acid μg10
Vitamin B12 μg0.2
Biotin μg3
Vitamin C mg8.5
Choline mg20.3
Water g-
L-carnitine mg1
Taurine mg4.1
Inositol mg3.4

Date last checked: 13/05/2021