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Manufacturer: Abbott

Mentions in Evidence Database (4)

PaediaSure® is complete balanced nutrition for children weighing 8 - 30 kg.

Age Group
Product Type
Liquid ONS & Tube Feed
kcal/ml or kcal/g
1.0 kcal/ml
200ml, 500ml
ACBS Approved
GMS Approved

Prices (UK) Date checked: 27/07/2021


Prices (Ireland) Date checked: 27/07/2021

Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla
Osmolarity mOsmol/l
Potential renal solute load mOsmol/l
Osmolality mOsm/kg HO2
Can be prescribed for the following indications in children weighing 8-30 kg: • Disease-related malnutrition and/or growth failure • Short bowel syndrome • Bowel fistulae • Intractable malabsorption • Pre-operative preparation of patients who are malnourished • Dysphagia
Minor differences exist between flavours (see product label or contact Abbott for details.
Important Information
Errors & Omissions Excepted  |   Protein data may refer to either Protein or Protein Equivalent  |  Differences may occur between flavours  |   The information found on these pages is for guidance only | Always check with manufacturer or refer to product packaging | For use under medical supervision only.
Paediasure is supplied by Abbott. For full product information we recommend you visit the Abbott website.

Nutritional Values

Energy kcal101
Energy kJ422
Protein g2.8
Salt g0.15
Carbohydrate g11.2
Sugars g3.7
Fat g4.98
Saturates g1.3
MCT g0.92
Sodium mg (mmol)60 (2.61)
Potassium mg (mmol)110 (2.81)
Chloride mg (mmol)100 (2.82)
Calcium mg (mmol)56 (1.40)
Phosphorus mg (mmol)53 (1.71)
Magnesium mg (mmol)16 (0.66)
Iron mg1
Zinc mg1
Copper mg0.1
Manganese mg0.1
Fluoride mg0.05
Molybdenum μg4
Selenium μg2.8
Chromium μg2.5
Iodine / Iodide μg10
Vitamin A μg RE45
Vitamin D μg1
Vitamin E mg α-TE1.5
Vitamin K μg4
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) mg0.15
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) mg0.2
Niacin mg (mg NE)1.2
Pantothenic Acid mg0.3
Vitamin B6 mg0.1
Folic Acid μg15
Vitamin B12 μg0.2
Biotin μg5
Vitamin C mg5
Choline mg15
Water g85.4
L-Carnitine mg1.7
Taurine mg7.2
Inositol mg8
Energy kcal201
Energy kJ843
Protein g5.6
Salt g0.3
Carbohydrate g22
Sugars g7.4
Fat g10
Saturates g2.76
MCT g1.84
Sodium mg (mmol)120 (5.22)
Potassium mg (mmol)220 (5.64)
Chloride mg (mmol)200 (5.63)
Calcium mg (mmol)112 (2.8)
Phosphorus mg (mmol)106 (3.39)
Magnesium mg (mmol)32 (1.33)
Iron mg2
Zinc mg2
Copper mg0.2
Manganese mg0.2
Fluoride mg0.1
Molybdenum μg8
Selenium μg5.6
Chromium μg5
Iodine / Iodide μg20
Vitamin A μg RE90
Vitamin D μg2
Vitamin E mg α-TE3
Vitamin K μg8
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) mg0.3
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) mg0.4
Niacin mg (mg NE)2.4
Pantothenic Acid mg0.6
Vitamin B6 mg0.2
Folic Acid μg30
Vitamin B12 μg0.4
Biotin μg10
Vitamin C mg10
Choline mg30
Water g171
L-carnitine mg3.4
Taurine mg14
Inositol mg16

Date last checked: 15/05/2020