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Welcome to Medical Nutrition Today!  We are an independent resource for healthcare professionals who use medical nutrition, whether that be oral nutritional supplements or tube feeds for adult or paediatric patients, or products for patients with  intractable epilepsy, allergy or dysphagia. 

We believe in the power of medical nutrition and are passionate about the difference it can make to patient’s lives.  We’re committed to making the evidence for its appropriate use more accessible to help healthcare professionals find the right product, for the right patient at the right time through the use of our Product Finder, Evidence Database and other resources.


Introduction by Professor Marinos Elia

Professor Elia is a leading expert in the field of clinical nutrition. He is Emeritus Professor of Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism at the University of Southampton, UK.

Advances in clinical medicine have been so rapid that they challenge and sometimes overwhelm healthcare professionals, even specialists. In the case of nutritional support, health care professionals must tap into many disciplines, deal with hundreds of nutritional products, and distinguish between products approved by regulatory authorities and those that are not. That is why I welcome this website, which provides easy access to the composition of virtually all medical nutrition products in the UK and Ireland, as well as the latest nutritional research and current clinical practice guidelines in a user-friendly format. It will help health care professionals to deliver the right dose of the right product to each patient more quickly.

Dietary requirements in clinical practice can be subtle. Prescribing nutritional support must variously take into account the extent of any malnutrition, type and stage of disease, food allergies/intolerance, and specific genetic and non-genetic metabolic conditions. In certain diseases, total dietary intake or specific dietary items recommended for health can do harm. Therefore, medical nutrition professionals aim to keep abreast of the latest evidence-based developments and best practice guidance. They must also check the detailed nutritional content of feeds (trace elements, vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients), which vary by type of feed and even pack size and flavour. However, these activities can be very time consuming. Therefore, it is very much hoped that health care professionals working across the many different areas of medicine in which medical nutrition is required will routinely use this excellent website to gain efficient access to the nutritional composition of nutritional products and their indications together with the evidence and guidelines for their use to support clinical practice.

Marinos Elia, January 2021

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Medical Nutrition Today, a quick tour...

Product Finder

At the heart of Medical Nutrition Today is the Product Finder, which we believe is the only cross-company database of medical nutrition products that allows users to search for and compare the compositions of over 450 medical nutrition products from the UK & Ireland. The products covered by our Product Finder are foods for special medical purposes1 available for use in the UK and Ireland, including those reimbursed by the relevant national authority (ACBS(UK) or GMS(IR)). Links are also provided to the published evidence for specific products.

Evidence Database

We believe there’s a wealth of evidence for the appropriate use of medical nutrition, but this is often overlooked or difficult to find.  Our Evidence Database only lists trials or reviews that are specific to medical nutrition. This unique resource also aims to be a link between medical nutrition products and the evidence for their use so wherever possible we’ve also highlighted which products are used in which trial.


To support the appropriate use of medical nutrition as a part of clinical management, we feature national and international Guidelines and Pathways from professional organisations and societies that include the use of medical nutrition. In addition to the latest COVID-19 guidelines, there is a comprehensive selection of Guidelines and Pathways for using oral nutritional supplements and tube feeding across adults and paediatrics, as well as for allergy, dysphagia, inherited metabolic diseases and use of the ketogenic diet for intractable epilepsy.

News and Latest Research

We are passionate about medical nutrition and keeping HCPs up to date for their professional development, so we also bring news from research publications, conferences, product launches and the wider world of medical nutrition.

Feature Articles  

Articles and features on a range of medical nutrition topics. Our intelligent features will be intentionally concise and easy to read but packed full of practical and useful medical nutrition knowledge.

1 Foods for special medical purposes, EU delegated regulation 2016/128