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Covid-19 Webinars and Podcasts

The latest national and international webinars and podcasts that include advice on the use of medical nutrition in the dietary management of patients with COVID-19.

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One year in the COVID-19 pandemic: Key learnings for paediatric dietetic practice.

Lisa Cooke, Head of Paediatric Dietetics at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Luise Marino, Clinical Academic Paediatric Dietitian at Winchester University and Rosan Meyer, Paediatric Dietitian at Imperial College London reflect on what they’ve learned as dietitians during COVID-19.


Learning from COVID-19: The Value of Nutrition Across the Care Spectrum

BAPEN, ASPEN and Canadian Nutrition Society Joint webinar held during UKMAW2020 with Anne Holdoway representing BAPEN.


Nutrition Support in a Post-Covid World: 

Problems, solutions and renewed awareness

ISICEM 2020 Expert Panel Debate with Prof Elisabeth De Waele, Prof Mette Berger, Dr Albertus Beishuizen, Prof Philip Calder, Dr Zudin Puthucheary, Prof Michael Hiesmayr.


Enteral Nutrition with COVID-19: Managing the ARDS Patient in the Prone Position

This video discusses nutrition management for COVID-19 patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in the prone position. Content development supported by Nestlé Health Science.


Nutrition Support Post ICU: Guidance on continuing nutrition from ICC to Recovery

In this video recorded on 4th May 2020, Danni Bear, Pete Turner, Dr Judith Merriweather and Louise Albrich talk discuss continuing nutrition from ICC to Recovery in Covid-19 patients.



Nutrition Support of the Covid-19 ICU Patient

In this podcast episode from Abbott Nutrition Health Institute, Dr David Evans and Dr Paul Wischmeyer discuss the role of nutrition and immunity for patients and practitioners fighting the novel coronavirus Covid-19 in the ICU.




A review of the SCCM/ASPEN Covid-19 recommendations

In this podcast, Dr Stephen McClave, MD, offers an insider view of how the SCCM/ASPEN nutrition therapy guidance for Covid-19 patients in the ICU came to be and explains some of the highlights of these recommendations.




Strategies for the nutritional management of COVID-19 patients post-ICU

Prof. Elsabeth De Waele, Dr Arthur Van Zanten & Prof Paul Wischmeyer.  

Live Broadcast on May 12th 2020





Managing nutrition support for COVID-19 ICU patients

Prof. Elsabeth De Waele, Dr Arthur Van Zanten & Prof Paul Wischmeyer 

Live Broadcast on April 27th 2020




In this DIETITIAN CAFE COVID-19 Special, Harriet Smith speaks with dietitian Aaron Boysen from Bradford Teaching Hospital.  Aaron has been providing nutrition support to patients with COVID-19 and discusses his experiences on the Intensive Care Units.




The Effort Trial and Evidence-Based Medical Nutrition

In this podcast episode, Prof Philipp Schütz, reviews the results of the recent EFFORT trial and its implications in the context of Covid-19.